Apple Watch app shows live travel statistics

Travel app Polarsteps enables travelers to log their journey and check travel stats right from their wrist

22 APRIL 2015

Polarsteps, the new app that allows travelers to automatically track their adventures, has announced today the launch of their Apple Watch app. With this update to the iPhone app, owners of an Apple Watch can log their route and see travel stats right from their wrist.

With the Polarsteps app for the Apple Watch, travelers can easily add their current location to the route they traveled. Whenever an internet connection is available the information is automatically updated on an interactive world map, that can be shared in real time with friends and family at home. Besides keeping track of the route, travelers also get to see live travel stats - such as distance and trip duration - directly on the watch. For hardcore travelers there is a screen that shows the total stats of all their previous trips.

Polarsteps launched its iPhone app only a few weeks ago, and adding an Apple Watch app to their selection was a natural next step according to the founders. "We decided to build Polarsteps because of our own need for an easy and beautiful travel log that would help keep friends and family at home up to date. From the beginning, we've been investigating smart ways to leverage all the technology that travelers carry with them nowadays, so taking advantage of the new possibilities that the Apple Watch brings is an obvious step in our quest to make logging and sharing your travels as easy as possible," says Polarsteps CEO Koen Droste.

The Apple Watch app can be installed by downloading the Polarsteps iPhone app from the app store. For travelers who don't own Apple's latest gadget yet, routes can also be logged through the iPhone app or the beta version of the desktop site at

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About polarsteps

About the company
Polarsteps is created by a bunch of enthusiastic adventurers with a passion for travel, design and coding. The Amsterdam-based startup aims to built the place to go to for travelers that want to plan, track and remember their trips.

The first prototype of Polarsteps was invented when co-founder Niek Bokkers wrote a small app on a Transatlantic sailing trip that shared trip updates with his family via a satellite phone. His trip went viral among fellow travelers, who loved the concept of an automatic travel tracker. A next prototype for the app was tested on an epic motorcycle road trip from Amsterdam to Cape Town.

Based on those experiences, the first public beta of Polarsteps was launched in 2015. Following rapid traction amongst travellers, in the company raised multiple rounds of investment which were used to further develop Polarsteps into a cross-platform experience. Polarsteps is now available on iPhone, Android and through the website at

About the app
Polarsteps automatically tracks your route and places you've visited while you are travelling. Just carry your phone in your pocket or bag. Once connected to the internet, the app seamlessly transfers travel routes, key locations and photos to your personal Polarsteps page, where your route is plotted on a colorful world map that can be shared realtime with friends and family. When your trip is finished, a beautiful instant photo album can be generated with the push of a button.

Travelers can use Polarsteps on iPhone, Android and through the website at