Polarsteps introduces video and reaches 2 million users milestone


  • Travelers bring their trip on Polarsteps to life with the most requested feature of the year: video
  • The popular Dutch travel app welcomed its 2 millionth traveler
  • Polarsteps takes the first step towards its 2020 ambition to make travel planning as exciting as the trip itself

Polarsteps, the popular Dutch travel app, introduces video today. Over 2 million users already rely on the travel app to track their trips and capture their best travel experiences. The latest app update brings their travel stories to life better than ever before. Friends and family ride shotgun from afar and travelers can relive their adventures with almost the same adrenaline rush. The new feature is free and unlimited. 

Polarsteps CEO and co-founder, Koen Droste: "Since we launched Polarsteps four years ago, we’ve seen that telling travel stories calls for a unique approach. A trip is so much more than just travel photos: from tracking your route to your photos and stories to your travel stats - like the number of countries you’ve visited and how warm it was the day you took that hike. It’s amazing that travelers share this desire for travel storytelling, as we can see by the fast growth this year. Over 2 million people worldwide are using our app and this year alone over a million trips have already been tracked with Polarsteps.”

About the new video feature, Droste says, “With video, we provide travelers with a completely new experience. Our expectations are high since this is the most requested feature of the year. We’ve gone the extra mile to share this feature with our travelers before the end of the year and are curious to see what adventures they will share with video. Whether it’s a spectacular bungee jump, a peek in the underwater world, an epic fail on your skis or that first-time grasshopper eating experience.” Travelers can add videos from 3 to 60 seconds each. With the built-in video trimmer, users can easily edit their videos in the app.

Besides tracking and remembering trips, it’s Polarsteps’ ambition to reinvent the experience around travel planning in 2020. Recently, Polarsteps took its first step by launching the Itinerary Planner. A tool that helps travelers plan when and how many days they will visit each destination of their trip. Moreover, friends and family can now share in the joy of anticipation of an upcoming trip. Droste, “This is our first step towards our ambition to make travel planning so easy and inspiring, that it’s almost as exciting as the trip itself. Next year, we’ll continue expanding this tool with new features. This is how Polarsteps is becoming the place to be for planning, tracking and remembering all of your trips.” 

Trailer announcing new video feature


Video feature in action on road trip from Amsterdam to Athens in the Polarsteps Jeep

Polarsteps co-founder Niek Bokkers drove the Polarsteps Jeep from Amsterdam to Athens and recorded his adventures along the way. Relive his road trip on Polarsteps.

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About Polarsteps

About Polarsteps
Polarsteps is helping over 5 million travelers across the world to plan, track, and relive their trips. The Amsterdam scale-up was founded in 2015 by a team of avid travelers with a passion for smart technology and cool design. The all-in-one travel app makes every part of the journey easier and more enjoyable: from the very first spark of travel inspiration to reliving it when it’s all over and done. The goal? To inspire and connect people across the globe through travel — so that everyone can express their wanderlust in a beautiful (and responsible) way.

Polarsteps is available for free in the App Store and Google Play store, or visit polarsteps.com.

Polarsteps – Make your way in the world

About the app
Easily use your travel bucket list to plan a trip and build your own editable itinerary. Once you're there, let us take over and plot your path on a digital world map that you can fill with your own photos, videos, and thoughts. Want to share your journey? Simply invite your loved ones along for the virtual ride. Finally, at the end of it all, you can create a beautifully designed Travel Book with the push of a button – turning your travel moments (the good, the bad, and everything in between) into lifetime memories.