The Never-Ending Road Trip: Polarsteps provides the van (for free). Its users write the story

Born to help users plan, track, share, and relive their journeys, leading travel app Polarsteps has now gone one step further in its support of adventurous travel – providing a free campervan for its users to explore the world.

“At Polarsteps, we feel that we have one true calling: to capture and ignite the spirit of adventure,” says Polarsteps CEO and co-founder Maximiliano Neustadt. “How better to do this than to provide an opportunity for our much-loved users to hit the road, explore, and create life-long memories without any rental fees?”

The company is inviting its 7 million users to apply to collaborate in what will be an epic and ongoing global journey, one that will start by touching the furthest corners of the European continent (and everything in between) in the next few months. Fittingly named The Never-Ending Road Trip, it will be made up of individual legs, each of which will be completed by a different person in the driver’s seat. Polarsteps will simply set the pick-up and drop-off points of each leg, leaving the drivers to find their perfect route between the two.

“We chose a 4x4 campervan because of the freedom it gives an adventurer and the many chances it will provide to get off the beaten track,” says Maximiliano Neustadt. “We hope The Never-Ending Road Trip will encourage our community of explorers to continue roaming the world, and, of course, it also allows us to say thank you for supporting us.”

The adventure will start tomorrow (August 17th) in Amsterdam when Polarsteps user Bertrand takes to the wheel. His only tasks? Follow his own path, track the trip on the app, and be ready to hand over the campervan to the next lucky participant in Copenhagen on August 25th.

From there, the company’s custom 4x4 Mercedes Sprinter campervan will continue towards the windswept North Cape of Norway before turning south to take in Finland and the Baltic states. The adventure will then embrace central Europe, before eventually reaching the continent's southern extreme in sunny Spain later this winter. 

The first 10 legs of The Never-Ending Road Trip

1. Amsterdam to Copenhagen (17–25 August)

2. Copenhagen to Gothenburg (25–30 August)

3. Gothenburg to Oslo (30 August – 4 September)

4. Oslo to Rovaniemi (4–18 September) 

5. Rovaniemi to Helsinki (18–26 September)

6. Helsinki to Krakow (26 September – 10 October)

7. Krakow to Zadar (10–19 October)

8. Zadar to Venice (19–24 October)

9. Venice to Nice (24–30 October)

10. Nice to Barcelona (30 October – 8 November)

And this is just the beginning! New legs will be added every month, so there are plenty of chances for Polarsteps explorers to get behind the wheel. Where they will take the campervan in 2024 and beyond is anyone’s guess. But with more than 300 Polarsteps travel guides dotted across the world, drivers on The Never-Ending Road Trip will always have plenty of inspiration to guide them on their way.

This collaborative, one-of-a-kind journey can be seen live on the company’s app by following here. Polarsteps users can apply for their chance to join The Never-Ending Road Trip at

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About Polarsteps

About Polarsteps
Polarsteps is helping over 7 million travelers across the world to plan, track, and relive their trips. The Amsterdam scale-up was founded in 2015 by a team of avid travelers with a passion for smart technology and cool design. The all-in-one travel app makes every part of the journey easier and more enjoyable: from the very first spark of travel inspiration to reliving it when it’s all over and done. The goal? To inspire and connect people across the globe through travel — so that everyone can express their wanderlust in a beautiful (and responsible) way.

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