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About the app
Polarsteps allows you to plan, track, and relive your travels in one smart and beautiful app. Easily use your travel bucket list to plan a trip and build your own editable itinerary. Once you're there, let us take over and plot your path on a digital world map that you can fill with your own photos, videos, and thoughts. Want to share your journey? Simply invite your loved ones along for the virtual ride. Finally, at the end of it all, you can create a beautifully designed Travel Book with the push of a button – turning your travel moments (the good, the bad, and everything in between) into lifetime memories.

You can find Polarsteps in the App Store and Google Play Store, or visit

About the company

Polarsteps is helping over 2.5 million of travelers across the globe to plan, track and relive their travels. Crafted by a team of avid explorers with a passion for clever technology and design, the all-in-one travel app improves every part of the trip – from the spark of a travel idea to reminiscing when it’s all over and done.

Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Amsterdam, the scale-up is on a journey with a clear destination - to inspire and connect people through travel.

Polarsteps – Make your way in the world.